About Us

Our Values
  • Chemboys started as a dream from two friends at the University of Rhode Island. 
  • Chris and Justin took a hard look at the hydroponic stores they frequently visited and found online.
  • One thing they noticed: only two main companies supply most of the horticulture industry. 
  • The prices and selections were not the best. The products were mostly imported from China… and not to mention – the labels on most products they found were over-saturated with color to distract from the actual product. “Why are we paying for pretty labels and dyes? We just want to grow plants…” They thought.

     …So they started their own company.

  • Justin had been in the chemical industry for years, and graduated with a degree in Chemistry. 
  • The Chemboys started out selling their own bottled Isopropyl Alcohol. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and supply chains were disrupted and Isopropyl Alcohol was in high demand. Although the Pandemic was a tragedy, The Chemboys found great success in selling Isopropyl Alcohol. 
  • To expand their offerings,  Hydrogen Peroxide was added to the portfolio of products, which found similar success as well. 
  • New product after new product proceeded, and now the Chemboys offer 38 different products in 5-8 different sizes; totalling well over 200 products and sizes on the market currently.
  • Today, with 75 brick-and-mortar stores, as well as 30 online stores carrying Chemboys products, we are continuing our initial goal of bringing highly concentrated nutrients, supplements, and cultivation chemicals to everyone: without the BS, high prices, water weight, and fake dyes plaguing the market today.
  • A personal note to you: we have noticed companies come and go in the horticulture / cultivation industry. Companies sell their company to bigger players after years. 

  • We do not plan on doing so, and we do not plan on changing and discontinuing products. We are here for the long haul, with you.

Our Mission

The Chemboys™ are reinventing the idea of quality nutrients, supplements, and general chemical products for the cultivation industry.

Our Vision

We envision a grow scene where cultivators can source powerful additives, supplements, nutrients, and chemicals, without any dyes, fillers, or unnecessary gimmicks.

Why Choose Us

Safe & Effective

Our products will keep your plants healthy without frustration. Don't consider other diluted, weak, inferior products.

Premium Products

We only offer Premium products Manufactured in the United States. We Bottle and source right here on US soil.

Save Your Money

Get more for less - with Chemboys "Pocket Friendly" products. Rest easy as you will be spending less time price comparing and more time getting back to growing.

Multiple Product Sizes

With sizes ranging from small 4 oz bottles to 330 Gallon totes - we have got you covered no matter how small or large your grow operation is.

We are a fast-growing, highly collaborative team of chemists and cultivation enthusiasts that are dedicated to providing high quality solutions directly to the horticulture industry.