The Importance of the pH levels in Hydroponics

The Importance of the pH levels in Hydroponics Introduction It is impossible to overestimate the relevance of pH balance in your hydroponics system to the health and vitality of your crop. If the pH isn’t in the right range, your plant won’t be able to absorb essential minerals and micronutrients. Vitamin deficiencies and, in the […]

Chlor A’ Clean: The Chlorine and Chloramine Neutralizer

Before we get started, let’s take a sec to break down the basic needs of plants. Just like any living being on earth, plants need a source of nutrition (food), water, space to live, air, and optimal temperatures. These basic needs are essential for the growth and survival of plants. The delicate balance of these […]

New Chemboys Merch and Quick Product Update!

Everywhere we go, every hydroponic and smoke shop we visit – someone asks for a T-shirt, a hoodie, a poster, a banner, some type of merch to rep our brand. Let me be the first to introduce to you our very own hoodies and T-shirts! Hoodie T-Shirt Our new clothing is professionally crafted, with super […]

New Products!

Hey Everyone, Good to be posting another update today. In the last month or so we’ve introduced 5 new products. – Standard growing tent with an observation window. – Partnering with MasterGrow to bring you an “all-in-one” tent kit. – Chemboys brand Vegetable Glycerine. – Chemboys brand Propylene Glycol. – Chemboys brand PremiumCut Scissors. Give […]

Thanks for the patience.

Hi everyone. We wanted to thank you for the patience as we adapt to these changes. We still have Isopropyl on hand, and have updated our store to have real-time data of our stock that we can immediately ship out. We appreciate all the love we have been receiving, and all the attention on our […]

Welcome to Chemboys

WELCOME!   My name is Chris, one of the founding partners, and I would like to formally introduce you to Chemboys – the Premium Gardening Industry Supplier.   We are a New England (Boston and Providence) based company that markets and sells only the highest quality products to the gardening industry, for the gardening industry. […]