Chemboys Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate

Chemboys Calcium Nitrate

Calcium nitrate is also known as calcium ammonium nitrate, or CAN. It is a chemical compound used primarily in agriculture. The compound is most commonly sold as Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer or CAN fertilizer.






The word nitrate is derived from the Latin word nitre, which means saltpetre. This name came about due to the similar properties of both compounds.

Calcium nitrate is a chemical compound with the formula Ca(NO). It is a white solid that is highly soluble in water. It occurs naturally as caliche, also known as calcrete

The compound has been used since ancient times as a fertilizer. It can release nitrogen and calcium ions into soil and water when dissolved. 

Calcium nitrate has also been used in explosives, pyrotechnics, and other applications.

What is calcium nitrate?

Calcium nitrate is a bio-available fertiliser. Increasing humus content helps to keep the root system healthy and enhances the soil’s water retention ability.

It also improves the health of the foliage and promotes the production of higher-quality fruits and vegetables.

Where calcium nitrate is utilised?

Because calcium nitrate is an organic chemical, any plants treated with it will absorb it from the soil through their root structure, eventually reaching the leaves.

Because it can enter the food chain through contaminated plants, this fertiliser must be used with caution. However, our specialists advised us that this is not a serious problem because it breaks down quickly once in the soil.

About Chemboys calcium nitrate

Chemboys Calcium Nitrate is a high-quality nutrient that helps plants grow robust and healthy.

Calcium is necessary for the formation of cell walls, roots, and foliage, as well as the management of plant nutrient intake.

Chemboys Calcium Nitrate Fertiliser increases microorganism development and boosts photosynthesis.

Calcium nitrate packaging

All packets are neatly packed in sealed packaging for your protection.

With our chemicals, there will never be any leaks, spills, or security concerns.

Where does Chemboys calcium nitrate come from?

All of our chemicals are made in the United States of America (USA).

All are manufactured in accredited, clean, and secure facilities.


15.5 % nitrogen and 19% calcium are among the ingredients. NPK 15.5-0-0

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate

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