Chemboys THClean: Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Pyrex Solution

Chemboys THClean

Chemboys THClean: Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Pyrex Solution

Let’s face it, cleaning your dab tools is a pain. It’s always hard to find the right cleaner and it can be really expensive. Even if you use the right stuff, it never seems to get them clean enough!






Trying new products is always exciting because they’re supposed to make something easier or more efficient. But when it comes to cleaning your dab tools, you just want something that works!

Imagine having a product that not only penetrates your tool like no other but also has a light scent that leaves you feeling refreshed after every session. By using THClean 16.9 Fl OZ for piece cleaning, you’ll have a dependable product

Where THClean can Be used?

Our THClean Cleaner eliminates the need to shake your delicate glass or ceramic objects by not using abrasive solutions.

It’s simple: soak our special salt-and-isopropyl-alcohol solution down stems, bowls, glass water pipe(s), and other difficult-to-clean areas.

How does Chemboys THClean work

The secret to its success lies in the physical properties of the ingredients used in the mixture. When dry, the crystals are inert and do not affect the items being cleaned. 

When water is added to the mixture, it reacts with the salts to create a strong alkaline solution that can dissolve even the toughest of stains.

THClean is a proprietary formulation of our safest and most powerful THClean is a proprietary formulation of our safest and most powerful nano-technologies that has been specifically developed to clean and maintain your piece.

 It can be used on any glass or ceramic surface.

Chemboys THClean: What is it and How Does It Work?

THClean 16.9 Fl OZ is not only the most cost-effective product on the market today, but it’s also the best option for piece cleaning.

Deeply penetrates and cleans pyrex, glass, metal dab tools and grinders, silicone, and ceramics for the ultimate chill experience.

Packaging Of ChemboysTHClean

All bottles are professionally packaged in sealed containers for your protection.

There will never be any leaks, spills, or security problems with our chemicals.

THClean by Chemboys

This product has no harmful chemicals.

THClean was created in a professional lab and is free of abrasives and hazardous substances.

We were able to do so in order to create a cleaner that is safer, easier, and more effective than other cleaners on the market, and that does the job without causing the damage that other cleaners can.

Chemboys THClean

Chemboys THClean

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