Chemboys Chlorine Killer

Chemboys Chlorine Killer

Chemboys Chlorine Killer

Most people associate chlorine with cleanliness, without realising that it is a potential health threat. 






Chlorine is used in water treatment plants and swimming pools to kill bacteria in drinking water and to prevent the spread of infections.

However, some people are highly sensitive to chlorine exposure because of the way their bodies metabolise it.

In fact, it can cause symptoms such as a burning sensation in the eyes, nasal congestion, wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing and even skin irritation for those who are hypersensitive.

What is Chemboys Chlorine Killer?

If you have tested your water and know that there is or is not chlorine in it, you could be trying to kill off Chlorine. 

Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical to make drinking utility water taste good.. The problem with Chlorine is that it can be absorbed through the skin and damage our health, but also damage a swimming pool. 

If you’re putting chlorine in your pool, you need to remove it daily with a chemboys chlorine killer. It breaks down the chlorine and there is no more residue.

Where Chlorine Killer is used?

Use 0.1G Of Chlorine liquid in 1 gallon of untreated water.

Chlorine Killer is used frequently in commercial pools as well as in residential swimming pools. The chlorine that it contains will act as a sanitiser, killing off microbes like bacteria, algae and other fungi. 

These are responsible for making water bodies unpleasant and unsafe to swim in. 

Once the pool has been cleaned of these microorganisms, Clorox will be left alone to balance out the pH levels of the water, making it suitable for swimmers.

About Chemboys Chlorine Killer

Many swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, are infested with algae, usually green algae. Chlorine is not enough to overcome the thick algae film.

 A good shock fails. Regular brushing is not effective, as the algae returns within a few days. Many swimmers and pool owners resort to pumping out their filter regularly or closing their pool for weeks at a time to clean it manually. 

With Chemboys Chlorine Killer you will be able to keep your pool crystal clear all year long. 

If you have tried everything else in the past but still have not been able to get the desired results from your pool maintenance program, then look no further there’s CHEMBOYS CHLORINE KILLER for you.

Chlorine Killer packaging

All packets are neatly packed in sealed packaging for your protection.

With our chemicals, there will never be any leaks, spills, or security problems.

Where does Chemboys Chlorine killer come from?

All of our chemicals are made in the United States (USA). All chemicals are manufactured in accredited, clean, and secure facilities.


Contains 99% of pure Chlorine.

Chlorine Killer

Chemboys Chlorine Killer

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