Chemboys Deionized Water

Chemboys Deionized Water

Chemboys Deionized Water

If you want to achieve that highest level of purity, think about deionized water. Deionized water is created by running tap or distilled water through a deionization process, which involves ion exchange.






This removes all ions from the water, making it completely pure, and then restructure the water by adding back in hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

The process of deionization water is used to create ultrapure water, water with an absolute minimum of dissolved solids. 

It’s an excellent choice for applications where removing impurities is crucial, such as cooling systems in nuclear reactors.

Deionized water is pure water that has had the ions removed. Deionization is a process in which an ion exchange resin removes dissolved mineral salts as well as other charged or polar contaminants from potable water. 

It is often used for laboratory and process water applications, pharmaceutical manufacturing and metal finishing.

What is Deionized Water?

Chemboys’ deionized (DI) water has been filtered and processed to remove almost all ions and contaminants.

Our technique removes all dissolved mineral salts, inorganic pollutants, and impurities, leaving just a pure Hydrogen formula.

Where deionized water is used?

Deionized water is widely used in industrial applications.

It helps to prevent corrosion when used instead of ordinary water for cleaning, cooling, and lubrication.

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and hygiene products all need distilled deionized water.

It’s a superb choice for assuring product safety and integrity because of its purity.


Water that is completely transparent and odourless.

Chemboys Deionized water Background

Deionized (DI) water is a good choice for precision hydroponics care and critical planting needs.

You’ll nearly always need to add chemicals to normal tap or distilled water to attain the pH values you want for your plants.

When you use DI water, you can start with a completely neutral foundation and progressively build up the environment your plant requires.

Deionized water packaging

 For your safety, all bottles are professionally packaged in sealed containers.

There will never be any leaks, spills, or security problems with our chemicals.

Chemboys Deionized Water Manufacturing

All of our deionized water is produced in the United States of America (USA).

All of our deionized water is manufactured in facilities that are certified, clean, and safe.

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