Chemboys Magnesium Sulfate

Chemboys Magnesium Sulfate

Chemboys Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium Sulfate is an inorganic compound and is a salt of magnesium and sulfuric acid. It is odourless, colourless, and has a sour taste. 






It has many applications. Magnesium sulfate is the active ingredient of Epsom salts which are used for medicinal baths, as well as for treatment of constipation, heart disorders and to induce labour.

Magnesium sulfate is a mineral compound. This compound finds use in the medical field as an anticonvulsant drug and as an additive to bathwater for epsom salt baths. 

However, it can be highly toxic and dangerous if not used properly or when taken with certain other medications.

What is Chemboys Magnesium Sulfate ?

Chemboys Magnesium Sulfate is a crucial supplement for your nutritional environment.

It has the potential to increase plant yield while also preventing nutritional deficiencies.

It has a pH of 0 and will not upset the pH balance of your habitat.

Because our Magnesium Sulfate is water-soluble and dissolves quickly, it can be used in a variety of applications.

Where Magnesium Chemboys Sulfate is Used?

 Its purpose is to keep water from penetrating the soil. The crop will have a good black, thick, and strong root system when we apply it in our crops and orchards.

When we utilised Magnesium sulphate to accomplish irrigation, we discovered.

The flowers would lose their colour, drop, and the fruit would be unable to hold the weight of the fruit as a result of the irrigation.

About Magnesium sulfate

  • The risk of nutrient insufficiency is reduced.
  • Your ecosystem’s pH change is minimal, with only a slight shift in pH.
  • The rate of germination has improved.
  • Encourages the growth of dense, dark green leaves.
  • This is an essential supplement.
  • It dissolves quickly and is water soluble.

Magnesium Sulfate Packaging

For your protection, all packets are professionally packed in airtight packaging.

There will never be any leaks, spills, or security issues with our chemicals.

Chemboys magnesium sulphate is produced in the United States of America,

All of our chemicals are produced in facilities that are certified, safe, and secure.


Chemboys these products contain 99% magnesium sulphate.

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Chemboys Magnesium Sulfate

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