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Chemboys pH Down

The plants, or vegetables, that you grow in your garden are dependent on the pH levels of your soil. 






The pH level of soil, which is measured on a scale from 0 to 14, indicates how acidic or alkaline the soil is. A pH level of 7 is considered neutral.

All plants need a certain level of acidity in the soil to survive and thrive, but some plants need more than others.

 Herbs and flowers will do just fine with a slightly acidic to neutral soil. Some vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and cabbage need a high amount of acidity in the soil to survive and grow properly

What is Chemboys pH Down?

Chemboys pH Down is a chemical solution that provides balanced pH levels when used with other Chemboys products. 

This will assist with fighting and preventing the grower’s worst enemy: root disease. With this product, the use of pesticides and fungicides can be greatly reduced (but not eliminated), and may even become unnecessary in constant maintenance situations.

With the aid of Chemboy’s pH down you can increase the yield of your plants. 

Decreasing the pH balances the PH levels to prevent overfeeding, which will stop burning and oxidation of leaves, sustaining a healthy environment for your plants.

What are the uses of chemboys pH down

The use of this product can help your grow media to be able to take up more nutrients as well as help it stay at the proper pH level. 

You can also use pH down to help control your lake or tank when adding or changing fish but we cannot guarantee the freshness of your fish due to temperature changes and we cannot be held responsible for any dead animals in your tank. Could kill plants and tender leafed aquatic plants too. 

Please test PH first before adding.

About Chemboys pH Down

Chemboys pH Down is a unique, affordable and environmentally friendly product that can help you lower the pH of your tap water in your hydroponic system.

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Chemboys pH adjusters

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