Chemboys Fertilizer-grade MKP powder

Chemboys Fertilizer-grade MKP powder


Fertilizer-grade MKP powder (Monopotassium phosphate) is an important mineral nutrient. It makes plants stronger and healthier.


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Due to the fact that it will help improve the quality of crops, MKP powder has become very popular in the agricultural industry worldwide.

The MKP powder is also known as dibasic potassium phosphate and can be sourced from a number of countries, including India, China, and Russia.

It is used primarily in agriculture to enhance the quality of crops and reduce their susceptibility to diseases.

What is Monopotassium Phosphate?

Monopotassium Phosphate is a fertilizer that is made up of potassium hydroxide and phosphoric acid.

It is used to nourish plants as well as improve the physical state of the soil.

Where Chemboys Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP) Fertilizer can be used?

Chemboys Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP) Fertilizer, 0-52-34, can be used in a variety of situations.

Apply before bloom to provide extra support to roots during a challenging reproductive season.

Apply to grass, shrubs, and trees during the dormant season. Early in the spring, before the growing season begins, apply to give roots a head start.

About Chemboys Monopotassium phosphate

  •     Water-soluble phosphorus and potassium
  •     It can be used dry or after being dissolved in water.
  •     It transports both water and nutrients.
  •     Drought resilience has been enhanced.
  •     Boost sugar and starch levels during the productive stage.
  •     When phosphorus and potassium are needed throughout the growing season, but nitrogen must be limited, use this product.
  •     Apply before bloom to provide extra support to roots during a challenging reproductive season.

Monopotassium Phosphate Packaging

For your safety, all packets are neatly packaged in sealed packaging. There will never be any leaks, spills, or security concerns with our chemicals.

Chemboys Monopotassium Phosphate Manufacturing

Chemboys Monopotassium Phosphate is made in the United States of America, like with all of our other chemicals.

All of our chemicals are manufactured in accredited, clean, and secure facilities.


1 pound of 0-52-34 Chemboys Monopotassium Phosphate It is 100% water-soluble and contains % phosphorus and 34 % potassium.

Chemboys Fertilizer-grade MKP powder

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