Humidity Packets (60 grams / 5 Pack)

Humidity Packets (60 grams / 5 Pack)


  • Managing Excessive Humidity The accuracy is 3 at room temperature (68-77 °F).
  • Controlling Humidity in a Natural Way
  • Wide range of applications: relative humidity ranges from 30% to 90%. (RH)


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The humidity packets are used to keep your tobacco from drying out. They are great for storage, but we recommend that you use them for your humidor if it is not already calibrated to the right humidity level.

These packets protect the tobacco and keep them fresh, the best part is that they don’t add any flavors to the tobacco.

This way you can enjoy a pure smoking experience with every puff.

Simply place one packet into a jar or a container filled with water, leave it there overnight and in the morning, place it inside your humidor and let it do its thing.

A humidity packet is a packet that helps to maintain the balance of humidity in an enclosed space.

It works by reducing moisture in the air and helps to keep your items dry.

A perfect use case is when you are traveling in a car, train, or plane and they get wet inside due to the humidity.

The humidity packets will help to restore the balance of humidity in the cabin.

Chemboys Humidity Packets What Are They?

Chemboys Desiccants are what humidity packets are. Their job is to keep things dry and protected from damage.

The humidity packets prevent excess moisture in the box or surrounding environment by absorbing moisture and then drying it out.

Humidity Packets from Chemboys are utilized in a variety of situations.

  • Any unused packets should be resealed in the bag provided to ensure quality and freshness.
  • Chemboys Humidity Packets are only good for one use and should be replaced after that.
  • To keep the contents safe, close the container.
  • Replace the Chemboys humidity packet after 2-3 months of usage.
  • To keep the objects safe, place them in a container.
  • Fill the container with humidity packets from Chemboys.

Humidity Packets by Chemboys

Managing Excessive Humidity The accuracy is 3 Humidity Control That Is Naturally Balanced at normal temperature (68-77 °F)

A diverse set of applications: Humidity ranges from 30% to 90% relative humidity (RH)

Chemboys Humidity Packets Packaging

All packages are neatly packaged in sealed packaging for your safety.

With our chemicals, there will never be any leaks, spills, or security problems.

Where are Chemboys Humidity Packets made?

We make all of our packets in the United States of America (USA).

All of our packages are created in facilities that are accredited, sanitary, and secure.

Humidity Packets (60 grams / 5 Pack)

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