Plants, like animals and humans, have a measure of acidity in their bodies. This is not what they want. It’s like us being too acidic.


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Chemboys Ph Up Regular is 20% concentration

Our product has ZERO dyes or food Coloring.

Use to Raise the pH to the proper levels when pH is too low.

What is chemboys pH Up Regular?

Chemboys pH Up is a liquid concentrated pH adjuster that will Raise the pH level of your nutrient solution.

About Chemboys pH Up Regular?

This product is a pH-balancing additive used to increase the pH of nutrient mixes to the optimal range.

Can be used in any Growing Media.

An essential product that no grower should be without.

pH Up Regular is specifically formulated to free from any unwanted impurities like dyes or suspenders.

pH Up Regular packaging by Chemboys

All packages are properly packed and sealed in safe packaging for your protection.

What is the origin of Chemboys pH Up Regular?

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the United States (USA).

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