Super Kelp

Super Kelp


  • Chemboys Super Kelp Seaweed is a great fertilizer for plants since it contains many of the vital minerals and nutrients plants need to grow and thrive.
  • Manufactured in the United States (USA)


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What is Chemboys Super Kelp?

Chemboys Super Kelp is a liquid kelp concentrate that contains a variety of micronutrients that plants require.

The inherent chelating agents in kelp extract aid in the absorption of these minerals into plant tissues. Plants and soil microbes can make use of these substances right away.

Auxin, cytokinins, gibberellic acid, and betaines are among the naturally occurring growth factors found in this product.

This diversity of growth factors aids in the regulation of plant growth and development throughout the life cycle.

Where is Chemboys super kelp Used?

Any nutrient program would benefit from the inclusion of Super Kelp.

During veg and bloom, it can be added to the water, but it’s best used as a foliar spray during veg.

Natural sugars and amino acids, as well as a high phosphorus content, all contribute to vigorous vegetative growth and root development.

You can add Chemboys Super Kelp to your feed solution at the reduced rate specified on the package during the first two weeks of flowering.

This will allow your plants to better absorb nutrients and continue to grow rapidly until the early stages of flowering.

About chemboys Super Kelp

Chemboys Super Kelp is a plant tonic and fertilizer that is 100 percent organic and environmentally safe.

Super Kelp is high in naturally occurring hormones and enzymes that help plants flourish.

These hormones and enzymes help plants divide cells and absorb nutrients, making it an excellent foliar spray or root drench.

Because Super Kelp is made from the brown seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum, it differs from other kelp products.

Super Kelp packaging by Chemboys

All packages are properly packed and sealed in safe packaging for your protection.

What is the origin of Chemboys super kelp?

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the United States (USA).


Use at all phases of development. Once a week, or with each feeding, add 12 ml per gallon of water.

Super Kelp

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