Which chemical nutrients are best for your plants?

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Choosing the right food for your plants can be daunting. It can be hard to know what they need, how much they need and how this differs from plant to plant. Chemboys makes it simple. Using one of the many available fertilizers and plant foods, your plants will be thriving in no time. 

Not only do chemical nutrients supply your flora with all of the essential nutrients they need to flourish, but they will be absorbing trace nutrients, vitamins and minerals so no root is left unnourished. 

Still not sure if you should be opting for chemicals? Here’s why it’s a no brainer.

Organic nutrients VS chemical nutrients

You may be thinking, ‘it seems pretty easy to throw some compost together’. But aside from the chore of having to load up all of your plant waste and having an unsightly barrel or bucket sat in your garden, there are plenty of reasons why chemical nutrients are more beneficial.

 If opting to grow your plants hydroponically, throwing some manure or compost into the circulating water is not only going to cause problems in terms of blockages and clean up time. 

It’s not feasible that the nutrients will be dissolved effectively and be available for absorption by your plant. 

If they’re not actually absorbing all the nutrients, it’s practically useless! Using a conveniently packaged concentrated solution means that your plants will be on the receiving end of a nutrient dense, vitamin packed revitalisation. 

What are the advantages of chemical nutrients?

If you’re not convinced already, here are some of reasons why you should consider chemical nutrients over any of it’s organic counterparts: 

● A concentrated solution means that all the fertilization your plants need is stored conveniently in a small container. This makes adding a little nourishment to your plant life super simple and time efficient. Just pour in the required amount. There’s no need for a large tank of manure sitting around giving off unwanted odors and taking up valuable plant growing space. 

● There is no uncertainty. You are guaranteed to be supplying your vegetation with plenty of all of the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and grow quickly. If in doubt, refer to instructions to help you decide how much and how often to add to get the best results.

 ● Chemical nutrient solutions are always packaged safely for use. The sealed container with built-in handles, and other packaging features that you may notice on Chemboys’ bottles, allow you to feed your plants without hassle. Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty! 

● Your plants will absorb the nutrients it needs quickly. Whether you’re in need of a quick fix to give a helping hand to struggling plants or just want piece of mind that your hydroponics or soil garden has a plentiful supply. 

● Chemical feed is far more cost efficient than any other fertilization method. You can stretch your money further without compromising on results or quality. 

● It’s easier to mix and match. If you think your plants could benefit from the TLC of a combination of nutrient feeds, you have all of the information you need to assess what your plants are getting and what will work well together. 

How to use Carbohydrate supplements in plants?

Great! So you know why chemical nutrients are the way to go. But how do you choose the best option for your specific soil or hydroponics garden when Chemboys offers such a diverse variety of options? Let’s have a breakdown of some of our products.


Chemboys Fertilizer-Grade MKP powder​

Chemboys Fertilizer-Grade MKP powder is a monopotassium phosphate fertilizer that has an array of uses. It is water soluble so can be used when dissolved. It helps prevent drought and improve root support in soil and causes an abundance of starch and sugar when the plants need it most. It should be used in place of NPK fertilizer when Nitrogen is in plentiful supply but potassium and phosphate levels could benefit from a boost.

Chemboys liquid Humic Acid

Chemboys liquid Humic Acid is liquid carbon fertilizer used to speed up nutrient absorption. The concentrated liquid supplies plants with essential nutrients. Even though our humic acid is completely organic, it lasts longer than other organic nutrient sources like manure as it is used up at a slower rate. This chemical is shown to boost glucose and chlorophyll levels, improving the rate of photosynthesis.

Chemboys Citric Acid

Chemboys Citric Acid is a 99.99% purity acid used for lowering the PH of plant growing mediums to optimize growing medium PH when alkalinity is in excess. As an added bonus, it can also be used to repel pests, improving the quality of your flora.

With chemboys’ expertly packaged and sealed nutrient fertilizers your hydroponic and soil-grown plants will have an accelerated and sustained growth rate, reduced susceptibility to pest and disease infection and an increase in high quality yield. 

A combination of these products can be used to perfect the nutrient, mineral and vitamin supply needed by your plants. 

All products are adequately labeled with the information you need on how to handle, implement and combine the right chemicals for you to boost your success in hydroponic and soil gardening. 

All products are manufactured and accredited within the United States. 

Chemboys strive to produce the best quality horticultural products at a competitive price to improve your agricultural and gardening practices.

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